In today’s business world, Sales/Marketing  video are a must have for all companies. If you have a website, do mailings, advertise or use just about any media format, Sales/Marketing Videos are a necessity. This is an excellent way to show off your business to potential clients or  use as a powerful tool in a package to receive funding for your business. The use of Sales/Marketing videos for your business is unlimited. ADS Productions can also provide your video on any format, (DVD, Blu-ray, Web, etc…) for you to distribute. We also can provide multi camera productions for Live Events & Real-Time Streaming.


ADS is now in production of our 5th Reality Show. After working on the production of shows for television networks HGTV, Animal Planet, Comcast and many more, ADS has the experience, creative & skilled team to produce that winning show you have been wanting to produce for far too long. Now is the time to contact us to discuss your Reality Show  productions needs.


Today’s companies are under increasing pressure to educate and train their employees. This pressure can come from clients, consumers and even the law!

That’s right, the law! Training and Safety are more important in the work place today than ever before. If an employee has not been properly trained when an accident happens, that could be disastrous for the company because of a lawsuit. We work with companies to put together a comprehensive video package that provides the  employee with the proper safety/training they need. With our technology this can all be performed online using digital signatures. The employee can view the video online then digitally sign that they have received the training thus insulating the company of any risk in the event that an accident happens.

We would love to provide your company with a proposal to produce your video training solution.


Event Video is how we started our business over 20 years ago and today we are one of the leading Event Video companies in the country.  We have amazing action photographers and videographers that capture the best Dance Competitions, Dance Recitals, Cheer Competitions, Marching Band Competitions & Swimming Competitions in the USA.  Contact us to discuss your upcoming events.  Also, click to see our event samples on our Samples Page.

U-FLY Video

U-Fly Video is a company owned by ADS Productions which focuses on recording today's very popular discovery airplane & helicopter flights.  This is a business which specializes in recording flight videos where YOU fly the plane or helicopter. For more information visit us at  U-Fly Video.

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